14: A Journey Towards Slow Living with Jeana Saeedi

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Today I'm chatting about living slowly with Jeana, the (AMAZING!) artist behind "The Slow Artisan." I our chat we cover what living slowly looks like for us, how we learned to let go of expectations to live at our own pace(s), and ways we stay present in the moments.

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A Journey Towards Slow Living with Jeana Saeedi (The Slow Artisan) - Chasing Wonderment Podcast Episode 14


➢ Connect with Jeana on her website, The Slow Artisan.

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➢ Click here for Jeana's new coloring book & devotional, The Artisan Pace.

➢  Info about St. Joseph's retreat house can be found here!


Jeana and I would love to hear from you! What resonated the most with you on today's episode?


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