Hey, girl!

I'm Kate, the CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) of Chasing Wonderment.

I’m a big dreamer, wife, momma, and full-time entrepreneur. I am OBSESSED with coffee, personality tests (like the Enneagram!) and I love me some Netflix. 😉


My journey towards Chasing Wonderment was NOT an easy one: In fact, it was FREAKING HARD.


I had an idyllic childhood, but at 18 I went through some personal tragedies that rocked my perfect little world… and I didn’t have a clue how to cope. My physical and mental health began to crumble around me.

I got married, and two babies came quickly after. I was exhausted in every way possible. Everything was overwhelming, and I spent a lot of years not wanting to get out of bed. It took a few years to realize that I was dealing with depression, hormone imbalances, and disordered eating.



Healing started when I heard about a movement called “Slow Living.” I stopped over-committing and took a TON of naps right beside my kids. I got help with my health.

As I started feeling like a HUMAN again, I realized that I had forgotten how to enjoy life! (I had even forgotten what I liked to do for fun.)


As I learned how to live again, I realized that life is about creating harmony in All The Things.

Life is both messy and beautiful. It’s chaotic and delightful. It’s hard and wonderful, and some days you cry and on others you laugh. It’s not meant to be lived on auto-pilot… it’s meant to be filled with love and tears and laughter.    

So, what is Chasing Wonderment?

Wonderment : Feeling a sense of Wonder, delight, or Awe.

Chasing Wonderment means actively chasing a life filled with wonder. 

It's about intentionally creating a life filled with what matters most (to you).


Are you ready to start Chasing Wonderment?

➢ Join The Wonderment Community! We have an amazing online community filled with classes and monthly challenges to help you live intentionally.

➢ Or maybe you need to learn about Slow Living (like I did)!

➢ You can grab some Chasing Wonderment Gear as a reminder to live intentionally!


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