Planning an Intentional Summer

Friend, it's almost time for...


My oldest is fresh out of kindergarten, and I've been thinking about how we're going to spend our days. See, I have this REALLY bad habit of going into summer with BIG plans and dreams... and then getting side-tracked by Netflix. I end up wasting day, after day, after day... 😒

Everything we're used to in our rhythms and routines is going to change with this next season. For some of us, NOTHING will change, because we still have to go to work, and do the everyday life-stuff. But there's still a desire to make this new season AWESOME. Something we'll remember.

I want this summer to be DIFFERENT. I've been working so hard on my habits and routines. So I'm making a plan. And I'm wondering if you would like to come along with me and create an Intentional Summer!


Here's what I know: 

A few years ago, I would've LOVED to have a community to dream and plan with. There have been SO many times when I wished I had a "big sister" to walk along with me, ask thoughtful questions, and hold me accountable.

And when you don't HAVE what you want, you create it, right? 😄


So here's the deal: 

    1. I am PASSIONATE about this info. I'm not in this for the money... I just want to help encourage you to live well, and be intentional about chasing wonderment. So, if you can't afford the class, the basic info from the course will be available (in a VERY condensed form) on my blog each week.
    2. If you want to walk through this plan with me, I'm creating a guided course for the month of May! We will start on May first, and you'll get weekly video lessons in your inbox, a private Facebook group for us to chat and share what we're working on, a weekly live "coffee date" on Facebook and Instagram live, and daily text messages (via FB messenger or e-mail!) to keep you inspired & focused.
    3. Now... let's talk about PRICING. This is my first time attempting anything like this, so you would totally be a guinea-pig. 😂 I also know just how hard it is to wish you had something in your life, but keep on struggling because you can't afford what you (desperately) need. So I'm only charging $12 per person for this first course.


Are you interested in joining me? 

Here's another quick run-down of what I'm planning to offer for the course:
      • It's only $12!!!
      • Weekly video lessons in your inbox
      • Daily messages to encourage you
      • A private Facebook community of like-minded women!
      • Weekly Facebook/Instagram "coffee dates" with me
      • Access to the course information after it ends!


    Planning an Intentional Summer - An Online Group Class